Freitag, 15.09.2017


The air is totally different so refreshing ! 

Was sooo nice to finally feel the water on my skin !! 

M. had a play in the sand , we were building a sandcastle , she was soo happy hahaha. 

next thing that happend was a man just sitting next to us asking if he could build the castle with us , and I was like yeeah sure thing tongue-out  

he might be a bit older then me but he looked nice haha , though I forget his name (not good at this )  

at the end he was even talking about meeting up next thursday ahahha sooo cool 

everyone here is soo extroverted that is sooo nice 

for example I have finally been at the Gym today , but was my first time hence I had no idea how to use all those maschines ( they do look like ours but they are not ) and then all of the sudden another man just walked up to me and was like  hey I could help you with that ( even though I had my earphones in ) I was soo thankful for that 

so as you can see it is really nice to meet new people here 

can't wait for the weekend 

bye   Gold Coast Surfers Paradise GOLD COAST kiss


Mittwoch, 13.09.2017

Heeey you , 


How are you ? ( that's basically what everyone says when they meet you but they do not want to have an actual answer , soo confusing ) 


I have been a little busy with working the past days ( I'll call it work because I get money for that but so far it is reaaally easy going ) , so I spent a lot of time in my new home with the kids and startet learning to drive  the car again ­čśé­čśé ( which is actually really easy , I struggled more with changing to an automatic car than driving on the left side of the road ) 


Yeah so nothing so important happened  so far except me going to the city again today with Therese and Issy , we have been hanging around at the botanic gardens and at the queen street getting some lunch together!! Was sooo nice to see those gardens they are so beautiful( picture ) and even saw my first reptile ­čśé­čśé( picture ) I have absolutely no idea what it is just that it can change his colors so look carefully for it ­čĹÇ 

It was already soo hot today and they still call it spring ­čîÜ hard to believe , but anyway can't wait to go to the beach ( Gold Coast ) on Sunday !!! Finally !!! Takes us about an hour but it's definitely worth it ( I'll show pics after ) 


Get to you soon ­čśś­čśś


Arriving at my host Family

Sonntag, 10.09.2017

oooooh it is such a beautiful place here !!! 

So the  family is living  in a nice neighborhood , really good environment for kids. 

there are lots of big houses with familys and many green places like parks and it is not that near to big streets, so basically perfect for many kids who just run out on the road. 

Before I arrived I was a bit nervous mainly because of the dad. When we skyped he did not talk that much and on pictures he looked a bit scary. So when I came here he was the first one I met ( haha musste so sein) but he is really nice and not dangerous at all !  sounds a bit weird hahahha sorry 

The other thing was their dog called Legend, first moments he barked really lood and that was scary but then J. ( the dad) opened the door to the garden and he was by my sight within a second ( talking about the dog) and he is actually really sweet and calm so no worries about that at all :)  and he mainly lives outside which is fine by me !

So J. and I were walking down the road to a meadow where T ( mum) and the kids were playing at a little stream. 

T. hugged me instantly, that is an even more bigger thing here because of all the people I met today she was the only one who did that, except of Mem.. Awwww she is such a sunshine , I walked up to her and without seeing me anytime before,  she was running into my arms and hugged me really strong for her age ( she is 4 years old and she is sooo small and seems a little bit breakable , but she is really not ). 

Mem. brother called Mar. is 9 years old but turning ten at I think November , I did not talk much to him so far because he had his friends over the whole day ( so he was kind of busy) , but I think it is good to have kid to look out for who is a bit older , thinking he is a big help at the beginning ( says no to his little sis which is not so easy for me haha ). 

The house is waaaay better than Naomis place, I don't think it is much bigger but it is way more modern, hence it is not so cold inside , which makes me happy and I hope not to freez everyone morning or evening in my room. Talking about the room it is much nicer as well, you could basically compare it with a hotel room ( the whole house has a touch of that ) and the nicest thing is my own bathroom (OMG SO NICEtongue-outcool) which looks beautiful and cleened up as well. 

They also have a big pool and a really big trampolin and in generell a really big property( I still have to ask them again what they are working could be interesting) , anyway tomorrow is my first driving lesson ( a little bit ironic hope I do well enough frown)  caaan't wait :)) 

I will catch up with you soon 

First time in BRISBANE CITY

Sonntag, 10.09.2017

City BRISBANE LETTERS with Theres from Leipzig at the fake beach in the middle of the city first party pic  

hiiii guys:)) 

soo it is very early in the morning again ( going to meet my host family today ) , actually I am always  awake like at 5/ 6 am in the  morning which is kind of weird but gives me time to write to you ^^

soo yesterday after that floorball game I went to the city with my new friend called Therese , she is going to be in Brisbane till the end of January ( has already been here  2 months) , so she showed me the South Bank which is like the place for young people with a fake beach ( picture ) some bars and a market ( love those things ) and also many free concerts you can listen. Its right next to the Brisbane River where you can on boats ( friday night going on a party boat maybe hope this works sooo exciting ). We did not have so much time because she was attending an art class till 1 pm and so we met at 2pm ( because everything is sooo big here you always need like half an hour minium to go to the different stops ) and had only two hours ( which is also not much because you have to walk a lot as well and that takes time) so we were walking only on the main shopping street ( thank a god I saw a Vapiano ( finally a good pizza and pasta) called queen street ( was thinking maybe it is called that because only queens can go shopping there  , sooo expansive  ) over the bridge to South Bank. Still had a lot of fun with Theres, and we are meeting up again next weekend ( can't wait :)) ) to go to Gold Coast cool 

Yeah so then had to leave at 4 pm to go to this party at 5pm ( this is soooo weird that partys start at 5 pm and end around 8pm ) which took place in the city as well. First we met in a Shop called " Peterpans Shop" ( isn't that cute) , they kind of do stuff like organising weekend trips to Sydney, Melbourne , or the Great Barrier Reef ( definitely going to all this places) for au pairs and bag packers ( this is good because there are also going to be some boys ). 

Around 6 pm we walked up to the roof which was sooo stunning , because the party basically took place on the roof , so you could look at the stars and there were some fires , many tables , a huuuge bar and a dancefloor and omg soo many people it filled within an hour. 

meeting people there is actually soo easy , because basically everyone wants to get to know new people as much as you do , so it takes like an hour and then you have lots of mobilnumbers , a facebook group with like 30 people and even some dates next weekend already planed tongue-out soo cool 

think that was it for the moment, right now I have to go packing my things and go meeting the wilsons

goodbye for the momentkiss 

Going to my first Floor-ball Game

Samstag, 09.09.2017

Heeey everyone ,

so today I went to Game with the kids called Floorball , they kind of do this every saturday morning so I just went with them looking for a little bit of fun. 

For those who have actually  no idea what that is ( I did not know either haha ) , they explain it like ice hockey without ice and they use a ball instead. 

Anyway we drove to the city ,  we arrived at a huuuge buliding with swimming halles and like a big gym for playing the game. Shwan and Tristan we're really exited that I joined them and at the end I was glad too. 

We did some training in the beginning like running , which actually felt really good , because I had no chance to do sports like two weeks ? was about time cool 

I  played with many little kids ( look at the picture) and like one coach and to boys like around my age( they we're there as coaches as well) and what is actually reeeeally funny and kind of weird at the same time is that they we're both named " Marten" tongue-out Sooooo confusing because I really only knew one person with that name before ( haha seems like it is more popular here ). 

At the end they even offered me to come to  the adult training ( seems like I haven't done  tooo bad for my first time laughing)

anyway  can't wait to go to the city right now ( it is my first time , meeting up with another Au Pair from Leipzig , she does not live too far away from me so this might be good ) and going to this party this evening ( yeeeei my first party , only thing is that I think we are going to eat  pizza again there but to be honest with you they are not actually super duper here ) 


see you kiss  

First days in Paradise

Donnerstag, 07.09.2017

Hey guys,

 I am here:)) Brisbane Queensland Australia , it still does not feel that real at allsurprised 

 After I landed yesterday ( very early in the morning) the first thing I have realised is that australia is big even if it does not look like it on the map ;) At the airport there where sooo many people it was unbelievable , hence I was very happy that I have met a girl on the plane with whome I made my way through security and baggage claim etc. She'll start her au pair time in Sydney this month but she came with me from frankfurt and even sat next to me on the plane  which made the flight at least 10 times funnier. After sitting 20 hours on the plane we were both hungry exhausted and nervous. We exchanceg contact details ( we had to use facebook because we did not have our new numbers yet, can't remember I gave someome my facebook intsead of my number the last time , that was kind of ironic tongue-out) and I wish her all the best ( hope we met in Sydney Klara :))).

Yeah after that I met Naomi and her daughter who picked me up, I am going to stay with them until Sunday morning before I go to meet my guest family( super exited hehe). With naomi I am kind of passing an orientation programm and I am spending a lot time with her adorable little daughter right now ( its kind of trouble to spell her name I am sorry ).

Australien people in genrell are super nice,friendly and kind!! 

Besides from the family I am with right now, I have already been to some shops ( they have these really cute coffee shops here ( haha I might start drinking that stuff because everyone meets at that places) where you can see so many nice quotes on the walls , naomi thinks it gets boring some times but I truly love this stuff wink 

Talking about the environment it is warm, but not hot at the moment( like 27degrees ) , but still it does not like germany with many green places, they have this cool palms here ,which actually should bring some shadows in the garden because in sommer it must be so hot ( hehe can't to wear all my dresses ( ahhaha bibi)) yeeah, every house I have seen so far (jaja doro du mich auch) has a big( well I think they are big) pool AND a trampolin for the kids( I like it too haha) 

Getting to the more important things, the food is actually in some places good and even extraordinary( had this sandwich in the coffee shop with chicken cheese and was really really good ) but on the otherside we were having a barbecue yesterday evening with some saussages and I mainly ate the vegetables because yeah did not eat the other ones... which is one of the reasons why I am up this early ( hungry hehe) , had to find out that naomi was right when she warned me and said she is not good at feeding people yeeah you don't say ( trying to eat some tomatos here but they are sooo cold because nearly everthing has to stay in this ultra cool fridge ).

yeah so this is really the only thing right now that hopefully changes when moving to tracie and jamie sunday ( can't wait) otherwise I am fine 

Get back to you soon 

greetings to you all from the other end of the world ( still sounds soo nice ) 

Almost There

Sonntag, 03.09.2017

Hi guys ,

So I guess this is going to be my first entrytongue-out 

Considering the fact that I am going to stay in Australie for about 6 mounths, I thought it would be the best to write all of my thoughts in english. 

I am very sure  my friends are able to understand mewink ,and for everyone else I hope you'll try your best if you are interested in" my life downunder" !!  


Right now I am still in Germany, which is why I do not have much to say so fare, except that I am a little nervous but I think this somehow a healthy attitude :)) 


I'll keep you uptodate 


cheers Isabel