Mittwoch, 13.09.2017

Heeey you , 


How are you ? ( that's basically what everyone says when they meet you but they do not want to have an actual answer , soo confusing ) 


I have been a little busy with working the past days ( I'll call it work because I get money for that but so far it is reaaally easy going ) , so I spent a lot of time in my new home with the kids and startet learning to drive  the car again 😂😂 ( which is actually really easy , I struggled more with changing to an automatic car than driving on the left side of the road ) 


Yeah so nothing so important happened  so far except me going to the city again today with Therese and Issy , we have been hanging around at the botanic gardens and at the queen street getting some lunch together!! Was sooo nice to see those gardens they are so beautiful( picture ) and even saw my first reptile 😂😂( picture ) I have absolutely no idea what it is just that it can change his colors so look carefully for it 👀 

It was already soo hot today and they still call it spring 🌚 hard to believe , but anyway can't wait to go to the beach ( Gold Coast ) on Sunday !!! Finally !!! Takes us about an hour but it's definitely worth it ( I'll show pics after ) 


Get to you soon 😘😘